How Twitter will be able to keep its users safe in the future

Newsreaders around the world are already using social media to keep their families safe and their friends and family together.

Now, the company is announcing that its own safety app, Life Good, will be added to its platforms to make it even easier for people to keep tabs on what they’re seeing, with the ability to flag content that may be threatening to them or their loved ones.

“Life Good has been designed to be a trusted source of news and entertainment for its users,” Twitter said in a statement.

“While it is important to remember that it’s all in the eye of the beholder, there are certain things that we don’t want to see that are potentially threatening.”

To make it easier to keep track of what you’re seeing on your timeline, Life Bad is set to be the default news feed in a new tab on the Twitter app called ‘Trending.’

That tab will be shown in an enlarged version of the app with more than 10,000 trending topics, as well as news, pictures and video.

For now, Life good will only be available to the most trusted users.

Users will still be able toggle between the two at any time by navigating to the tab in the top right corner of the new tab.

Twitter also said that users can switch between the other two tabs on their device, or even switch back and forth between them with a button on the top left of the home screen.

Life good is the first app to add a Safety tab, and the first to be built entirely in-house.

This will allow Twitter to better maintain the safety of its users, and will make it more difficult for malicious actors to hijack the app.

Users will be notified when they have a new content or threat flagged, and when their news feed becomes “too big to keep,” so they can either view the content they want to share, or filter the content themselves.

For now, users will have to use the search box in the new Home tab to find news.

“As a reminder, we’re always looking to make our app safer for you and your loved ones,” Twitter’s chief security officer, Matthew Green, said in the statement. 

“We’re working hard to improve the safety and security of our platform so that it remains a trusted place to see and share the news that matters most.”

Users who want to get involved in helping build the app can sign up for the developer forum on the social network, and tweet about it with the hashtag #LifeGood.

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