Trump ‘totally wrong’ about the Supreme Court

Donald Trump has been accused of being “completely wrong” when it comes to the Supreme Courts.

The GOP frontrunner has suggested that the Court is the “last line of defense” for America, citing that it’s “a place of law, it’s a place of order, it has the final word.”

But in a new interview with NBC News, Trump said the Court “isn’t really” the ultimate arbiter.

“You can’t have the last word, because the Supreme is the last line of law,” Trump said.

“And the law’s the law.

And the order is the order.

And so the final decision is made by the Supreme.”

Trump also questioned the Supreme’s independence, calling the Court an “internationalist institution,” while also questioning the legitimacy of the Court’s rulings on immigration and gun control.

“The Supreme Court is an internationalist institution, not a constitutional institution,” Trump told NBC News.

“It’s not even a judicial institution, it is a law enforcement institution.

And it’s not the highest court in the land.”