‘It’s a nice warm morning’: New Good Life cologne to help the homeless

A new fragrance line from Good Life is aimed at helping the homeless.

Good Life is using its Good Life brand name to sell a range of cosmetics that will be available in pharmacies across the UK from next week.

The company said the range was being launched with the aim of helping homeless people, and people in emergency situations.

Good Life’s products will include a line of hand sanitizer, hand gel, nail polish, toothpaste and shaving cream, according to Good Life’s website.

The range will be made by a team of about 30 Good Life employees.

The brand is hoping the new line of products will help alleviate the issue of homelessness.

“Good Life cares about its customers, the communities they live in and the people they care about,” Good Life chief executive Rob Cottrell said.

This range is a fantastic opportunity for Good Life to make a difference in the lives of those living in the streets, he said.

“Good Lives commitment to creating a better, safer, and more beautiful world for all of us is unshakeable and unrivalled.”

The company launched the Good Life range last year in Australia.

The brand has also created a line with the Good Care team, which is aimed to provide emergency care and support to people experiencing homelessness.

The Good Life team includes a psychologist, counsellor and a social worker, Good Life said.

Good Care, the brand’s marketing partner, also said the brand would be investing £100,000 over three years to fund a project in the UK with homeless people and support.

“It’s about giving people a choice in how they use the money they make to support people who are experiencing homelessness,” Good Care said.

The organisation said it would work with homeless charities to deliver the product and will also invest up to £1 million to help homeless people.

Many of the charity’s clients use the services of Good Life.

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