The world’s best new restaurant

A new generation of chefs is emerging across the globe and a number of them are making their mark in New York City.

The Michelin guide is out this week and one of the highlights of the list is one by Chef Mark Boulud of The Kitchen in New Orleans, which has won five Michelin stars.

Bouludd has won seven times out of eight in the category.

The chef is also the founder of the popular Michelin-starred La Mer and La Ville, restaurants in the French capital, which have become a tourist attraction in the past few years.

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New York chef Mark Bignull is known for his innovative cooking, but he also has a knack for telling a great story.

In his book La Mer (the Little Mermaid), published in 2009, he described his first meal as a birthday dinner.

It was the day his father died, but Bouluda is so proud of his meal that he even gave the family the opportunity to enjoy it.

“It was a great celebration,” he says.

“I wanted to give the guests an unforgettable moment to remember and share with the family.

I was able to do that.

And they did, so I had a very memorable dinner.”

The restaurant was the first of its kind in New France.

In the early 1970s, Bouludi worked in a small restaurant in New England and was brought to New York by his father to open the restaurant.

In 1971, he opened La Mer.

He’s had more than 400 restaurant openings and has won three Michelin star medals.

Bignulados family has made a name for itself in the city, which is home to some of the world’s finest restaurants and is also home to the city’s tallest building.

Bouls family has also made an impact on the dining scene in New Yorks dining scene, and in the late 20th century, they also opened La Villeray, a small family-run restaurant in the West Village, and La Mer in the East Village.

Today, the restaurants Bouluds restaurants are synonymous with New York.

And Bouluts family is well-known for its unique dishes, such as the lobster ravioli and the lobster bisque.

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