Good Life Center, good life organization to reopen next week

Good Life Community Center will reopen next Thursday, with the new owners adding two new locations.

The community centre, which closed in September after three decades in business, has reopened with new owners in a new building on Maui’s east side.

It will be home to two new community centres, and one of them will be open to the public, said John F. King, president of the Good Life Corporation, which owns the centre.

Good Life Center has been closed since September after the group lost its lease on the building on Kauai.

The building is located just south of the main entrance of the community centre.

King said the new ownership plans to reopen the community centres in the fall.

The first community centre in September opened at the same location.

The second opened in November and the third in December.

The Good Life community centre has been a popular gathering spot for years, King said.

The new owners are planning to add a new community centre to the main building.

King is hoping that the new community space will bring people together in a way that the old centre couldn’t.

King said the community center can be a place where people can gather and connect.

He said he was excited about seeing a new place that will allow people to come together.

The first community space opened in September at the site of the old Good Life Centre on Mauai.

(Supplied: Good Life)Good Life Community Centre has a unique experienceKing said he wanted to make sure people knew the old location of the centre would be reopening, and he was surprised at how popular it had been.

King is hoping the new location will bring the same community.

King was hoping for a new location with a different layout.

He was hoping to find a space that would give people a different feel, so it was important to find one that was close to the centre and had the same feel.

He hoped people would feel like they were at home, but not being in the same space with the same group of people.

King added that there are many other opportunities in the area to connect with the community.

The existing community centre on Kaua’i is open, and there are other communities on the mainland that are open and well-connected.

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