New Zealand’s new high-tech drug bars ‘good life chips’ for high-risk people

The Government is set to unveil new drug bars, branded as “good life” chips, that are designed to provide people with a good life in a way that minimises the risks they face from taking drugs.

Key points:New drug bars will be made available at a cost of $200 to $400 each in New Zealand over the next four yearsThe Government is developing “good lives” chips which are designed for people with low-risk behaviours, such as drug use, to minimise the harmDrug users can access “good” life chips through the Government’s drug testing program and the online application site DrugSmart, which will also be available for people in the same age group.

The Government will release details of the new drugs at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

DrugSmart is set up to test and certify all New Zealanders who use drugs.

The online application will enable people in a similar age group to use the new chips.

The drugs will be tested at a lab and tested to ensure they are safe and effective.

The new drugs will also have the approval of the Government.

It is estimated that around 1.3 million New Zealand adults have drug use issues.

Drug use is linked to higher rates of serious and fatal drug overdoses, suicide, and violent crime.

New Zealand is the only country in the world to have a drug testing policy.

Drugs that are approved for the drug test program are often used to assess people’s drug use and whether they should be tested.

The Health Department will make the drug bars available free of charge for anyone over the age of 18, including people who do not currently use drugs, as long as they are in their parents’ home.

New drug bar sales will not cost the Government money.

The Drugs and Alcohol Authority will manage the program.

Drug Smart is designed to test all people in New England for drug use at a drug screening facility.

A person will be screened once at a local drug testing site and then tested again at a second site every three weeks for drug-related issues.

There will be no fees or fees charged.

Drug testing sites are also used by police and other government agencies to ensure people are not using drugs in the public or private sectors.