What you need to know about the new fiber optic company Good Life, founded by former GE CEO Jeff Immelt and now headed by former IBM executive, Jeff Immels son, and CEO Jeff Bezos

In May, Good Life announced it had raised $5.2 billion in new financing, including $1.5 billion in debt from the GE and IBM companies.

The company’s chief financial officer, John J. McConaughy, has been with the company for two years, and its president, David G. Lassiter, is the son of IBM CEO and founder John D. McConnaughy.

The company’s new CEO, Jeff Bezos, is a former IBM engineer who has a long history in the tech industry.

The announcement was made during a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the company’s $1 billion expansion at its Omaha headquarters.

The new financing is good news for Good Life’s future, said Joe Sestak, a former executive at IBM and now a partner at the venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

But, he said, the deal has not yet come to fruition.

Good Life has been focused on a handful of high-profile projects that could help it raise money and expand into other industries, including robotics and cloud computing.

Good Life is now also working on a $5 billion venture capital fund with a $1-billion round, said Sestack, who was executive vice president of acquisitions and acquisitions strategy at IBM in 2016.

He said that is about the size of the $7 billion GE investment.

For now, Good Lives main focus is on its expansion to Omaha and other markets.

Its first big venture will be its acquisition of the Fiber One cable company, a joint venture between AT&T and Bright House Networks.

It is also working to acquire another fiber-optic cable company owned by CenturyLink, which it acquired for $400 million in a deal that was announced earlier this month.

It also is working on an initial public offering of its stock.

At the ribbon-cut at Good Life headquarters in Omaha, McConaughey said the new funding would help Good Life expand into new markets and bring innovation to the cable industry.

“We’re going to continue to build our businesses, our brand, and our people, and we’re going all the way to the edge,” he said.

McConaugherty also said the company is going to use the $5-billion in new funding to “pivot” its business, which includes its fiber optic services and equipment, and to grow the business in other areas.

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