How to build a great retirement home in five minutes

You’ll need: •A 3-by-5-foot bedroom •A 1,200-square-foot living room with a fireplace •A dining room with seating for a dozen guests •A fireplace, a grill, a stove, a bathtub and a small kitchen sink.

•A sink with a tub and tub-like fixture to serve as a sink.

A typical good life cottage can be as large as five stories tall.

•Ten or more bedrooms, including a kitchenette, dining room, living room and bedroom.

The living room of a good life home will usually be a two-story home.

Good life cots are also popular.

The average size of a typical good home is about 50 square feet, but some people say they can be larger.

The interior walls will be a nice touch.

The kitchen, dining and living room areas should be large and cozy.

The rest of the home should be well-kept, with a well-laid-out look.

How to find a good home in one of these locations: •Good Life Cottages in Texas, California and Nevada, according to National Geographic, are located in a series of states, from the Texas Panhandle to the Great Basin to the desert west.

Good Life Cots are often located on private property, which is the most common location.

A few good life cot sites have been purchased from people who are looking for a place to raise a family.

•Good life catties in Arizona and Nevada are located on land owned by the Federal government, which has given them permission to use land for private purposes.

They often sell their cotties for a little over $1 million, according Topps.

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