Biden says he’ll work with Republicans to ‘rebuild’ health care system

Biden on Thursday said he would work with Republican leaders to “rebuild” the Affordable Care Act and “bring back stability to this nation” — a key theme of his first public remarks since taking office.

“I believe we can get to yes,” Biden said.

“We’re in a new chapter, and I believe we have to be a part of it, and we need to be part of this new beginning, and this new movement, because we have a responsibility to ensure that we get this country back on track.”

Biden said he was encouraged by the results of the House vote to move forward on a bill to create a public option for insurance plans in the Obamacare exchanges.

“There are real gains, real gains,” he said.

“And so the President and I will work together to see that we do it.”

The bill is still on hold in the Senate, though Biden said he is hopeful it will pass in the coming weeks.

The Vice President, who has called for health care reform since taking over the reins of the White House, said he will continue to push for reform.

“This is the right thing to do,” he told reporters.

“And if we get to that place where we’re able to get this done, we will be able to move toward a much better, fairer and better system that works for everybody.”

The President and Biden had a brief, brief conversation on Thursday morning before Biden was scheduled to travel to the University of Iowa.

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