TV star Phil Good lives in Perth with his dog, son and two cats

Phil Good has announced his retirement from the AFL and will now be the head of a family of dogs, according to his wife, Julie Good.

The 60-year-old star said he was “proud of” the “world of dogs” and was looking forward to spending more time with his three children.

“I have a family with four beautiful dogs and it’s been an amazing adventure,” he said.

“When you look at the world of dogs you can’t help but appreciate the love that everyone has for the animals, and the passion for what they do.”

Mr Good has been in the AFL for more than a decade and has been part of the Adelaide Crows team for the past seven seasons.

He said he would always look forward to seeing his dogs around the club, even if they were at a different time of year.

“We love dogs and we are very proud of the dog community, and we love the dogs that have made us who we are,” he told

“So if there is a dog in my family, I’ll go and look at it and I’ll be there.

I’ll hug the dog, feed the dog and just be there for them.”

He said his wife was excited to be able to retire and that they were “going to miss” each other.

“She loves being with her family and doing all of this work, but we’re not going to miss each other,” he added.

“It’s been great.”

Mr Bad has also announced he would be moving into a “new and different” home.

“My heart is going to be in a new place now and that’s really exciting for me,” he explained.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen in your life.

It’s all going to change and you just have to be ready.”

Mr Gold and his wife were married in 2013, and his son was born in 2018.

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