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It’s been a busy few months for Good Life Racing and that included their appearance at the 2016 FIA World Endurance Championship season opener in Qatar.

With the team set to debut their brand new Good Life Formula 4 car, the team have gone into full production mode and are currently preparing for the race. 

“We have the whole kit, from the car to the drivers helmet, it’s just all on-hand,” said Good Life team boss Jens Bischoff.

“We just need to be ready and we’re ready for the challenge of Formula 4.” 

“It’s the most difficult race we have ever competed in and we are really excited to start the race with good team mates.

We know we are going to be up against some serious quality in the drivers and we hope to take our chances and win.” 

The Good Life outfit have been in a very quiet period, but they are gearing up to take on some of the world’s best at the 2017 FIA World Championship in Bahrain. 

Good Life Racing has already had two drivers race on the Good Life Force 2. 

They have also already been in talks with FIM’s new racing regulations for 2017, and it is expected that their team will be ready for a battle against the likes of Lotus and Force India. 

The team has already been working on their gear and has even secured a few race weekend slots for their new car. 

Bischoff says they are already in a good spot, and that the team will keep pushing for a strong performance. 

We are all just going to do our best, and we want to win.

“”I have been doing everything possible to prepare for the World Championship and this is the start of a very successful season for the Good Lifes.

I’m really looking forward to this challenge and hope to finish strong.” 

Bishoff has a lot to be proud of, with his team securing four wins from the four races they have raced in the F4 class. 

But while he may be a little disappointed with his first round results, he is not letting the disappointment take him away from the team. 

He has already put a lot of his focus on the 2017 season, and is looking forward for the new season. 

 “The biggest thing for me is winning races and winning races hard.

This year is definitely going to test me, and hopefully this will be a great season for us and hopefully we can get a win.”