Disney’s new live-action version of Disney XD’s The Good Life premieres in December

By Emily MolloyFebruary 08, 2018 | 06:05pmOne of the most beloved cartoons of the modern era, The Good Home is a classic of the genre.

It follows the lives of two friends who spend the summer on a ranch in a fantasy world, but their adventures are a little more serious.

But what happens when the pair discover they are both actually human?

For the past few months, Disney has been working on the adaptation of The Good Living, and it’s now official.

The show will premiere on Disney XD in December, and the cast will include Tom Hanks, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Sarah Hyland.

You can check out the official synopsis below, but we have to warn you that this is probably a little too early for you to see the show, as we don’t have a good premiere date yet.

Check out our first look at Tom Hank as Bobbie, Sarah Hylands as Jada, and Jada’s husband and husband-to-be, Bobbie (Josh Brolin).

Check out the trailer below.

Check it out below.

Here’s what you need to know about The Good Live:The Good Life centers on two friends named Bobby and Nancy, who spend their summer together in a paradise called Paradise Valley.

As they head out to spend the rest of the summer with their friends, they find themselves stuck on a lonely ranch in this world.

They decide to spend time with their favorite friends, which includes the likes of Billy Bob Thornton, David Schwimmer, and James Cromwell.

The three of them spend time together, learning about each other’s lives, and bonding.

But their friendship is tested when their friends discover that they are actually both humans, and begin to fight each other for control of the ranch.

The two friends decide to leave Paradise Valley, which leads to the creation of a new world, Paradise Paradise Valley!

As with the first season, The Bad Life is set in the same fictional world, and stars Tom Harkin, Jason Schwartzman, and Julia Roberts.

This new season of The Bad Lives will follow Bobbie and Nancy and their friends as they try to live a happy and normal life on the ranch, and fight for survival.

Check the trailer for The Bad Home below.

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