What to look for when booking a vacation at a marina

Marinas in the state of Queensland can be found all over Queensland.

They are popular with tourists, with some marinas even offering a few amenities such as a private beach.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular destinations for a vacation to marinas in Queensland.


Good Life Marina The Good Life marina in Redfern is the place to be for a great day out, whether you’re looking for a relaxing soak, a relaxing lunch, or just a relaxing night.

The marina offers a stunning setting for a quiet afternoon, and offers a great view of the harbour.

You’ll be treated to some of Queensland’s best restaurants and bars, and you’ll have plenty of time to relax after the afternoon.

The Good Lives marina is situated in Redfingern, just south of Brisbane.

It’s a lovely location and the marina has its own bar with a view overlooking the harbour from the marinas terrace.


Surf Club Marina Located on the coast of Brisbane, Surf Club Marina offers a range of amenities to its guests.

There’s a swimming pool and sauna for those wanting a quick break from the hustle and bustle of life, as well as a gym and yoga studio for those who want a break from their busy schedule.

The beach at Surf Club is a popular spot for locals to swim and relax after a long day at work, and the gym is a perfect place for those looking to improve their fitness.


Beach Club Marina The Beach Club marina sits on the western shore of Redfertree, just east of the Brisbane CBD.

With its spectacular views of the Great Barrier Reef, it is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing swim.

The facility is equipped with a fitness centre and saunas, as it is located on the south side of the marines harbour.


Marina Bairns Bay Marina Bairs Bay is a marinas ideal location for a family picnic, with its pristine sandy beachfront and warm waters.

The Marina Bay marina also offers the ideal setting for relaxing with family and friends after a day of work, with the marins private beach being a perfect spot for relaxation.


Surf Bay Marina The Surf Bay marinas beach is an ideal place for family and group getaways.

The water at Surf Bay is so pristine and calm, that it can be a perfect escape from the pressures of the busy city.

The pool is located in the marinos harbour, and there are many options for relaxing on the sand.

The Marinas private beach is a great spot to relax at a quiet time, and has its spa, sauna, yoga studio and the beach cafe.


GoodLife Marina The next two marinas to our list are GoodLife marinas.

Goodlife is located at the southern end of the Redferno coast, just over the Gold Coast.

Located on a small island in the middle of the river, the marine offers an ideal location to relax with a glass of wine or a quick snack at the local market.

The Beachclub marina situated on the southern coast of Redford is a stunning location with its beautiful sandy beach, swimming pool, saunters and beach gym.

It is perfect for a quick lunch break, as you can relax on the sandy beach at the Beach Club.


Surf Life Marina Located at the northern end of Redfields coastline, Surf Life marinas private waterfront is a lovely spot to enjoy the surf.

There is a fantastic view of Brisbane’s harbour from Surf Life, and with the resort area just metres away from the beach, you’ll be able to enjoy it. 8.

Beach Life Marina This is the third marina to be featured on our list, Beach Life is located just off the Goldfields beach.

Beach life marinas location is located close to the popular surf spots, The Surf Life beach and the Beach club.

With the beach situated on an island in a small harbour, you can easily get to and from your surf spot with a few short hop trips.


Good life mariner’s marina Good Life Mariner’s is the first marina we’ve featured on the list to be in Queensland, with it being the largest marina on the Gold and Blue Mountains.

Located just outside of Redville, Good Life is one of the more popular marinas on the Blue Mountains, and is located along the coast near the Gold Fields.

It offers a variety of amenities such a swimming, beach, saucy bar and gym.


Surf life mariners marina Surf Life is a spectacular marina with an incredible view of Red Beach.

The location provides a beautiful view of both the Gold City and the Gold Peninsula, and provides a perfect beach for relaxing and enjoying the views from your balcony.

You can get a free lift from the local ferry from the nearby Beach Club Marinas beach to the mariners private beach for a peaceful afternoon. 11. Beach

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