Paddy Power’s Paddy Lowe: The ‘bionic’ life mammoth is the perfect athlete

Paddy Lowes is a fitness enthusiast and has been working out with a giant, which is now named after him.

The life-sized pachyderm was created by the fitness brand and was given to him after his wife died and he lost a daughter.

Lowe’s wife, Kate, passed away in January 2016 and the family are struggling to find a new home for the pachyderes.

Kate was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but died two years after Lowe was diagnosed.

He said he is determined to bring back his beloved pachydromes to life as soon as possible.

“I think they will be a great asset to people’s lives and I would love to see them in the home,” Lowe said.

“They are very resilient and they will survive.”

The giant pachydes are a popular and healthy animal, but Lowe’s son-in-law, Paul, has a different perspective on the animals and their purpose.

“The life-size pachydelms are really popular with people, but for me they are really the ultimate athlete.

They are very tough animals,” Paul Lowe said about the animals he and his family have adopted and trained.

We are not in the fitness business, but I think these pachydecas will help me keep my mind sharp for my next big thing.”