Great Life Sunderland have beaten the Good Life to the win 5k and 6k in a fast-paced final

Great Life Australia have been crowned winners of the 5k run in Great Life’s Good Life Suberland 5K and 6K World Championships.

The Australian team started off with a 6.09 at 6:35am (AEST) but they quickly pushed the pace with a strong first set of three 1,000m (5:15) and a 2,000-metre (11:10) run.

The Good Life team finished in a respectable 4:06.

The 10-year-old Good Life squad is a proud Australian Olympian and won the first race at the Australian Commonwealth Games in Perth last year.

The boys finished the 5K in a blistering 4:10.

The women’s team of Emily McIlwain, Sarah Jones and Rachel Soharra won the 6K in 4:08.

The men’s team was in the mix for a spot in the final as they were in the best form with a time of 5:46.

The final saw the men’s 4-2-3-1 line up and four of the women’s 5-4-1s, as well as a 4-1-4.

The top four runners up from the 5-6-4 and 5-3 men’s teams finished in the top four.

The men finished in second place with a 4:02.

The women’s 4x100m relay team was the next fastest with a run time of 4:40.

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