When Garima Bhatt was alive, the life of a Hindu, writes Nandini Ghosh-Sharma

India has had a very tough past with the imposition of Islamic laws.

A majority of the country’s 7.5 million Muslims have been victims of persecution in the name of religion.

But despite the fact that the majority of them are Sunni Muslims, the religion is now a major political issue and a major source of tension between the country and neighbouring Pakistan.

In 2014, India’s Supreme Court ruled that Muslims must observe a “hijab” and other restrictions that restrict women’s activities.

In a landmark ruling, the court said that the ban on the wearing of veils violated the Constitution.

India is now facing a huge challenge in changing its attitude towards the religion, especially as the country is struggling to address the issues of sexual violence against women and sexual harassment.

Q&A:The history of the banThe Supreme Court’s ruling was a watershed moment in the country, with the ruling being a blow to the dominant Islamic belief system and to the notion that women are a sacred property of Islam.

The court ruled that a woman must not be forced to wear a veil or veil-like garment in public, a ban that many Muslims see as a violation of their religion.

The ban also led to the imposition and expansion of Islamic law.

It meant that a Muslim woman could not be a witness to a trial and could not take the stand during a trial, unless she was married to someone of the faith.

The ruling led to a crackdown on the right to freedom of religion in India.

Q: Why is this ban still in place?

A: The ruling in 2014 was an act of discrimination against Hindus and forced them to follow a very restrictive form of Islam and its laws.

There is no way for Muslims to live a normal life in India today.

Q: Why did the ban come into force after the recent riots?

A, The Hindu-Muslim riots have created a very difficult situation for Hindus and Muslims in India, says Gautam Bhatnagar, a senior journalist and former president of the National Council of Social Justice and Empowerment (NCSJE).

The violence in August last year has left around 400 dead and over 1.3 lakh people injured.

The riots also led the Supreme Court to declare that the Constitution protects all Hindus and all Muslims.


What are the key issues in this debate?


Muslims are being forced to adopt a very narrow view of what constitutes a religion and are facing an intolerance of any form that can be seen as a deviation from the religion.

A number of Muslims in the north-east have joined the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) as they feel threatened by the rise of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in the region.

The BJP, which has been the dominant force in the northeast for over a decade, has been accused of indulging in violence.

The Muslim League-Sena, the largest party in the ruling alliance, has also been accused by some Muslims of having ties with the BJP.

Q.: Why are people supporting the Bharatist-Jana Sangh alliance?AThe BJP is the largest political party in Maharashtra, the country the state has been in for nearly a century.

The party has been dominant since its inception in the 1970s, but has recently become less dominant, especially in the south and northeast.

Many of the party’s key supporters are in the BJP, particularly in the northern states, but the BJP is also supported by the Rashtra Samithi Sangh, a small but powerful Hindu nationalist organisation that is the third largest party.

This group is more influential in the southern states.

In addition, many Muslim organisations are supported by this group.

Q., What are some of the key differences between the BJP and the RSS?ABJP has traditionally supported the secular state of India, which it believes to be a secular society.

The Bharatists have traditionally stood for the secular Hindu majority in India and have been staunch opponents of Islamism.

Q,, What are your views on the role of women in the Muslim world?AQ: There are some aspects in Muslim culture that are completely different from the Islamic one.

There are certain things that women should not do in Muslim society.

For instance, women are not allowed to have any role in the family and there are restrictions on their freedom of movement.

However, I do believe that the Muslim community has made progress towards equality in the last few decades.

There has been a great rise in women’s education and empowerment.

Q and A: What are you hoping to achieve in your new role?AI hope that this is a positive step towards creating a Hindu majority state in Maharashtra.

I also hope that the BJP’s decision to accept the role and the way that the ruling party operates will help create a strong Hindu majority and a secular state

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