Allstate’s good life hypnosis,nursing care for children,good health benefits

Allstate HealthCare plans to offer hypnotherapies,nurses and nursing assistants at all its hospitals and clinics for patients who are experiencing health problems, such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and asthma, according to a news release Friday.

The health care company has been testing a clinical trial of its new service, called Good Life Hypnosis, or HA for short, which combines hypnosis and a host of other therapeutic techniques, including acupuncture, yoga, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy.

A company blog post said HA has been tested in more than 30,000 patients.

“We believe HA is a revolutionary new way to help patients manage their own care,” the company wrote.

“As we’ve learned through clinical studies, HA is able to provide an optimal balance of therapy and support to reduce distress and improve overall quality of life.”

Good Life Hypnotherapy, also known as HA, is a combination of hypnotic suggestion, behavioral therapy and a combination regimen of medicines and physical therapy.

The therapy can help patients focus on improving their breathing, focusing their attention, calming themselves, and maintaining a normal sleep cycle, according a company blog.

The therapies can also help people improve their cognitive function, improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve emotional health.

The HA service is available at Allstate facilities, as well as at the company’s outpatient clinics.